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From the Editor – November 2012

By on November 1, 2012

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We at Que Viva! Indiana Magazine are exceptionally happy to present to you our newly developed initiative to have our magazine exclusively online. We are happy to follow the behavioral and demographic trends of our community.

Our extensive research suggests that the Latino community has dramatically grown its online presence over the past few years and we eagerly accommodate to this new media adoption which represents a shift of monumental proportions. Our findings indicate that that sixty eight percent (68%) of Latino households own at least one video or internet enabled cell phone versus forty three percent (43%) for the general population. Compared to the average adult online, Latinos are more likely to follow a brand, more likely to post links, articles, videos and websites. Just as impressive, Latinos are more likely to build or update a personal blog.

According to Nielsen the Latino community will increase its purchasing power by $500 Billion to $1.5 Trillion by 2015; this is a tremendous feat and speaks highly of the economic success of our community.

Latinos are fueling growth in key sectors such as housing, food, retail, education, financial and transportation.

Thirty one percent (31%) of Hispanic adults want to be more Latino while sixty percent (60%) want their children to be bicultural and ninety percent (90%) want their children to be bilingual. One common thread that brings the community together is our common ancestral language.

In this issue we highlight the efforts of a very dedicated health professional, Raquel Castro. She is more than a nurse and she lives her passion on a daily basis as she leads her organization toward minimizing health disparities within the community. The initiatives she leads are making an impact for those who have been overlooked. Her broad focus spans the State of Indiana and crosses into other states and across our nation. On a local basis her story and that of her organization, Alcance/REACH US is making a difference.

We have also touched upon the concept of safety as we enter the winter season so we can remind ourselves on the topic of fire safety in addition to keeping our children safe from a privacy standpoint. It follows up on a recent event which took place in the Region addressing the concept of safety.

Our focus, yet again, is to remind our youth that an education is the foundation for a strong future. As we come to the final days of these important Local, State and National elections we urge you to get out and VOTE. Regardless of your political inclinations, please exercise your civic duty and get out to vote. The topic of civic duty is poignantly articulated by Danny Lopez from the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and the Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs.


Roberto E. Castañeda, Editorial Director Que Viva! Indiana


We at Que Viva! look forward to your thoughts and comments. You may reach us on Facebook or at contactus@quevivaindiana.com

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