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From the Editor – May 2012

By on May 1, 2012

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The words “Happy Cinco de Mayo!” typically elicit a feeling of readiness toward going out and enjoying a good time with friends, sometimes even during the work week. We decided that our entertainment section in this issue would continue the tradition of making this section fun, in addition to adding a historical perspective about the significance of this date. Cinco de Mayo is actually not Mexico’s independence as many believe; it has a significance which extends beyond its borders. Some historians have studied the geopolitical environment of the nineteenth century and postulate that the events of that historic day, May 5, 1862, may have likely had a positive influence toward the structure and character of what today is the United States of America.

Danny Lopez from the Commission of Latino/Hispanic Affairs in Indianapolis has contributed substantive thoughts related to the highly charged immigration issue. His approach stretches beyond the traditional way in which immigration has been addressed in contemporary debates. He reframes the issue under an umbrella which is an integral part of the most basic of human needs – that of freedom.

We have a living example of an individual who lives his life rooted on the traditional values of family, hard work and education. He has been an avid learner all of his life and continues on this path. Phil Ponce from WTTW 11 is a national figure and lives a full life. He has been exceptionally successful in harnessing the freedom available to every American in crafting his life into an ever evolving masterpiece. He articulates how his personal and professional lives have been shaped by many positive influences, some very significant ones, while growing up in East Chicago, IN. He shares his experiences with a smile and his zest for life is quite evident.

Our edition is rounded out by incorporating some facts and figures about the relative size of the Hispanic Market in the United States. By specific measures, the size of this market relative to Gross Domestic Product, if segmented as a distinct economic entity of its own, would rank as the 11th Largest Economy in the World. It is valued at $1.1 Trillion Dollars. Today, the ratio of Hispanics’ to non Hispanics in the U.S. is quantified as one in six. The article written by Pablo Schneider on behalf of Fox News Latino, reports that, in the not too distant future, Hispanics will comprise roughly one in three Americans. His perspective showcases the relative importance that the Hispanic community will have on future growth of the U.S. economy.

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