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From the Editor – June/July 2012

By on June 30, 2012

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We at Que Viva! Indiana Magazine are exceptionally happy to present to you a body of work that addresses our monthly theme – Diversity and Inclusion. We asked our contributing writers to share their perspectives on the subject and they did it in a fashion that collectively weaves a colorful tapestry. Our aim in this edition of Que Viva! is to further stimulate our readers to explore the benefits of diversity and inclusion and make their personal contribution in their daily lives.

After all, our country will continue to thrive on the basis of a collective effort from individuals working in concert through the business infrastructure to create value. This value creation has been the cornerstone of economic development through the sharing of ideas and ultimately of prosperity. This theme is also addressed by one of our contributing writers.

Reported returns from diversity and inclusion have included the following: Sharpened competitive advantage in a global economy, broadened creativity and innovation, expanded perspectives, enlarged markets, lowered health care costs and enhanced community standing.

In this issue we hear a lot of ideas touching upon diversity and inclusion ranging from the idea that the success for tapping into some of our potential export markets is dependent upon some of the very multi-cultural skills our citizens already possess. Other information shared with us is the need for a broad supplier base for companies in effort to keep operations running smoothly right here at home. When we talk about diversity of thought, it is interesting to listen to Maria Wynne, President and CEO of the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scouts on how her organization is shaping the minds of young girls toward full participation in the global economy.

We also delve into the higher echelons of academia and highlight the opportunity available for students both at the secondary and professional levels of how an institution of higher learning like the University of Chicago is reaching out to underrepresented, underserved communities to join the ranks of their MBA graduates.

From the standpoint of entertainment, the Midwest will soon join both Coasts with a late night show as highlighted in Que Viva! Indiana’s feature article. Michael Essany brings an inspiring story of how he decided to get into show business at a very young age. The theme of his new late night show, Seven on Ridge, is about diversity and inclusion and it is weaved not only into his upbringing and career ascent, but also within the content of his show.

Also included in this issue is the great work that is taking place in Northwest Indiana as it relates to the YWCA. This organization is providing community service at the grass roots level and it is very good to see the impact it is having in the region. We thank you for your continued readership,



The Que Viva! Indiana Team


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