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From the Editor – April 2012

By on April 1, 2012

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At Que Viva! Indiana Magazine we maintain our focus on bringing you information aimed at raising the level of awareness of our changing and dynamic world. In this issue we have assembled a series of articles ranging from health to education in addition to thoughts about the reality of income inequality in the United States.

In our March 2012 edition we highlighted the importance of achieving a solid education in order to more fully participate in society. It is readily apparent that influential positions of the future will be solidly rooted on a service economy as opposed to a manufacturing/industrial economy. Among the many prized possessions our youth will need to bring to the workforce “table” will be intellectual rigor, strength of character, curiosity and people skills that are upgrades to the traditional skills required in years past. It is evident that our modern day economy requires a solid education and will be very important in most fields including finance, information technology and health. Without a doubt this new trend will continue to influence and drive the economic engine of not only this great nation but also the global economy.

As a community we must strive for high ideals and continue to further our education. We have the responsibility to “rise to the occasion” and create our own reality. In order to counter the deteriorating effects of income inequality, on an individual basis, we need to make learning and positive actions a daily habit.

In this issue we get a firsthand look at the positive effects and benefits resulting from an education rooted on family values and perseverance. The impact of these has allowed Rogelio “Roy” Dominguez to build a life of accomplishment filled with meaning and direction. His unique story underlines the old adage “where there is a will, there is a way”. He is a man who has opened numerous new frontiers for our community over the course of his career and continues to strive toward optimizing his personal contributions to our community.

We have also shared information from a distinguished professor at the University of Chicago, Dr. Marvin Zonis. He is recognized globally as an expert in Political and International Economics. He brings his perspective on how the U.S. economy is pointed toward growth in spite of the recent challenges we have faced. He also identifies a consistent theme about the importance of a solid education in a similar fashion as we have addressed in Que Viva! Indiana Magazine.

Danny Lopez, from the Indiana Commission of Hispanic/Latino Affairs and the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, in his typical eloquent style, brings to life a very important message fully accentuating the needs for full parental involvement and engagement in the lives of our children; all within and outside the confines of our everyday educational institutions.

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